Our Sanctuaries

Town Of Goshen

6 ½ Station Sanctuary • 62 acres • 88 6 ½ Station Road, Goshen NY 10924

We bought this sanctuary. In 1981 the Chapter received a loan of $25,000 from the National Audubon Society's Whittell Fund, for the purchase of a 62.3 acre marshland site at 6 1/2 Station Road in Goshen, New York. The general public, and thousands of bird watchers, have already visited it. The Sanctuary is now listed in Susan R. Drennan's Where to Find Birds in New York State: The Top 500 Sites. The site is bounded by the Heritage Trail and has big yellow signs indicating the approximate corners of our property. There is a circular path leaving from the parking area. It has three spurs. One spur goes down to the marsh for a closer look at the cattails. The second spur goes up to the bench adjacent to the road. The third spur continues downhill to a platform for viewing the birds in the trees and on the water. In addition to the platform and the bench near the road there are three benches on the loop trail. Soon there will be a fourth near the kiosk for people who are not up to walking.

Town of Warwick

Long Swamp Sanctuary • 161 acres • 178 Walling Road, Warwick NY 10990

This sanctuary was acquired in pieces over several years. It has very few signs to show you the boundaries.  It is accessible from Walling Road off of Prices Switch Road. Drive east about a mile down Walling Rd until you come to a dead end.  About half a mile down Walling Rd it will turn into a dirt road at an open red gate. Continue down another half a mile until you see our signs and parking area.  Do not drive in in muddy weather. You may get stuck. The dirt road is rough and runs through private property.  Please respect our neighbors and drive very slowly.  Please don't leave your car or park along the road until you get to our parking area with the yellow signs at the end.  You can walk to the marsh from there and check out the marsh birds. You can walk to the right and see what you can find. There are no trails.

Wolfson/Frankel Preserve

Wolfson/Frankel Preserve

Town of Warwick 

Stony Creek Sanctuary • 40 acres • 26 Spanktown Road, Warwick, NY 10990

This easily accessible sanctuary has a small parking area at 26 Spanktown Road. There is a well defined path from the parking area that leads to a small rustic bridge that crosses over Stony Creek. From the bridge there is a lovely, well maintained path that passes along the creek and then through wooded and open meadow areas and then circles back to the bridge.  There are several spurs that leave the main trial and lead to interesting viewing areas.  We hope to acquire some benches soon to put in the viewing areas.

Town of Warwick

Norman Brook Sanctuary • 27 acres • Southwycke Lane, Warwick NY 10990

This sanctuary is divided by Southwycke Lane. It is currently closed to the public due to a dam collapse which we are in the process of having repaired.  We expect public access to be restored in the spring of 2018.

Town of Montgomery

Muddy Kill Sanctuary • 14 acres • Corbett Road, Montgomery NY 12549

This sanctuary was donated to us. It is undeveloped and is adjacent to the Muddy Kill which flows into the Wallkill River in the Town of Montgomery Benedict Farm Park. It has no sign and no number but as you go northwest on Corbett Road it is on the right with a guard rail. There is currently no parking area and there are no trails.

Corbett Road